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the law of polarity is yin-yang theory which says that energies seek one another to balance and this can be done inside ourselves...which is the kundalini and eastern/ Egyptian mysticism , which can be attained by meditation... :)

Hi...I am a 3rd generation psychic, astrologer and tarot card reader, also an empath and an intuitive. You can contact me to get clarity in all aspects of your life esp relationships and love. Together, we can solve your problem positively and get to a solution which is life affirming and makes your life more positive and filled with love and peace, harmony in your relationships, good guidance in all other aspects of your life like career and good times in your life financially, and socially. Hope to talk to you soon and may you be blessed in your life and may your life be filled with happiness, success, good health, love, peace and harmony. May God Bless :)

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I have been working as a tarot reader, astrologer and an adviser for the past 10-15 years and guiding people to happiness and well being in life. I have also the experience of working with geriatric people and counseling (friendly) to people with minor psychological disorders. I can provide clarity with compassion and love in most aspects of your life. God Bless :)


I have a masters degree in life sciences

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