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Master Tarot reader, new to Kasamba, special introductory rate!Yin/ yang, negative/ positive, masculine/ feminine. Understand how polarity can effect every aspect of your life

The question you have to ask yourself is, are you reactive or PROactive? If you want to achieve a particular outcome, is it enough to just have a reading to show you what road you are walking? Wouldn't it be better to not only have an awareness of the pitfalls ahead, but also have a plan for nudging the universe into blessing you with your desired outcome?

This is what I do for you.

Utilizing my dept of knowledge in the cards, numerology, and an understanding of manifestation, I can help you to achieve your desired outcome be it in love (my specialty) or a consultation on matters of money (career options/ projections, business, legalities, real estate, etc).

My spiritual philosophy is that there is truth in both science as well as in religion and it is from the space in between that I approach your reading. No dogma, no judgments, a truly neutral and direct perspective on what is going on with you followed by a clear directive as to how to achieve your goals. I will address your current situation, the challenges involved, and help you to develop an action plan to manifest that which you desire.

*Due to my sensitive nature, I will not discuss matters of health or death.
** Price shown represents a significant discount off eventual price.

Experience & Qualifications

With nearly 20 years' experience in reading the Tarot, I have literally done thousands of readings for people in all walks of life. As a Master Tarot reader, I have also taught classes in Tarot, I've been featured on a popular Las Vegas radio show, as well as being a private adviser to elite clientele.

My other career (of nearly 15 years) has been working as a Matchmaker and relationship consultant. 1000's of men and women have trusted me to help them find the love of their life. (note that I do "connect" with single/ dating people in particular, having worked with them each so personally for so many years).

Oh and if you are a fan of astrology, it should be noted that my birthday is Halloween. Do with that what you will...

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Accurate and efficient typing, 50+ WPM, 3rd generation Intuitive, extensive metaphysical studies/ classes. SC Master Reader.

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